Cat Scratching Behaviour

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Molly S.

  Cats are designed to scratch. There is no way around it. They have this elegant mechanism of hinged front claws that are tucked away until they are needed. In our conceit as their owners, we have previously adjusted their anatomy to suit our needs. Well, this unnecessary (and debilitating) surgery is no longer acceptable, so our cats and kitties … Read More

Feline Infectious Peritonitis: Milo’s Story

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  Last November Milo, and his kitty buddy Mumford, were adopted into their new home. Two kittens usually have energy to spare, love to play hard, and try to keep up with each other. Around Christmas time, the family noticed some changes happening to Milo. His tummy was becoming bigger, and by January, he was eating only half of his … Read More

Cat abscesses

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Cats are a territorial species. Confrontation with other cats usually results in a shouting match, but it can escalate to full contact fighting when the cats are outside. Bite wounds are particularly nasty, since the bacteria in the mouth and on the teeth get through the skin and into the underlying tissue. The skin wound heals over and seals the … Read More

Saying good-bye to Marty

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Marty was my oldest cat, and this week, we had to put her to sleep. It is terribly sad and will leave a huge hole in our family, but as I counsel my clients, I’d like to focus on what a special cat she was.

The Howling Cat

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I’m fortunate to have had our oldest cat for over 17 years. She is a Siamese named Marty. She is vocal at the best of times, but over the past year, she has developed nightly bouts of howling. As a veterinarian, I recognize this complaint from owners of geriatric cats, and as an owner, I can see how distressing it … Read More

Cats should be fed some wet food daily


  Recommendations for feeding your cat have changed over the years. I can remember when the only choice was canned Puss N’ Boots. Then came the dry food revolution, and we swung from a high moisture diet to the opposite end of the scale. Now we know that some canned food should be included in your cat’s diet every day.

Meet Louis

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  Louis was rescued by the Damery family. He had been spotted hanging around their place, a stray cat limping for a few weeks. They were able to catch him and bring him in to us for assessment. Despite his feral nature, he responded to a calm approach. We estimated him to be about 1.5 to 2 years old.

Keeping your pet fit

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Fitness is something we take for granted in our pets. Most young pets are more active than their owners, but older pets can lose their enthusiasm for play and become more sedate. If the food amount stays the same, the end result is weight gain. Over feeding contributes to weight gain, but so does under exercising.

Veterinary diets – something to chew on


  As your pet’s health care provider, an integral part of what I do involves dietary counselling. After examining your pet, I will select a veterinary prescription diet that is ideally suited for your pet’s nutritional needs. We call our diets prescription foods because they are selected by a doctor to treat or prevent medical conditions. This makes them different … Read More

Cooking for Luna


Luna has the misfortune of having food sensitivity. The only food she can eat is a home made turkey and pea diet (with special supplements). Her owner is very dedicated, and has been making Luna’s meals since the end of 2012. The food is cooked every 2 months and placed in containers for freezing. One batch takes 2 turkeys (14 … Read More