Cat Scratching Behaviour

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Molly S.

  Cats are designed to scratch. There is no way around it. They have this elegant mechanism of hinged front claws that are tucked away until they are needed. In our conceit as their owners, we have previously adjusted their anatomy to suit our needs. Well, this unnecessary (and debilitating) surgery is no longer acceptable, so our cats and kitties … Read More

Trimming your cat’s nails


Cat’s nails grow in layers and build up over time. Your cat naturally peels off these layers by using a scratching post. We call this sharpening the nails. It is not unusual for a cat to chew at the back nails to help keep them sharp too. Sharp nails are useful for the hunting, climbing and fighting cats, but for … Read More

Trimming your dog’s nails


Nail trims are an important part of caring for your pet. Exercise on hard surfaces wears down the nails naturally, but most dogs can’t rely on this to keep their nails short enough. Long nails are not only damaging to some floor surfaces, they can be uncomfortable for your dog.