Vestibular Disease in Geriatric Dogs

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Head tilt to the dog's right side.

“I think my dog has just had a stroke” is a not uncommon comment we get when a senior dog suddenly collapses. While there are a number of diseases that can lead to collapse, vestibular disease has a very particular presentation that makes it easier to diagnose. This, and the fact that many dogs will go on to recover from … Read More

Canine Influenza outbreak confirmed in Orillia

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Last week, Dr. Scott Weese came up to our community to investigate an outbreak of canine influenza at a local boarding and daycare facility. The canine influenza virus affects the respiratory system of dogs, and can look just like other infectious agents that cause ‘Kennel Cough’ syndromes. For the most part, coughing is the main sign, though many dogs will … Read More

What is a lick granuloma?


  When a dog constantly licks an area of skin, they can create a bald, red and often thickened patch of skin that we call a lick granuloma.

Canine hot spots


  While many welcome the advent of hot weather, the combination of heat and humidity increases the incidence of skin issues in our pets.

Keeping your pet fit

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Fitness is something we take for granted in our pets. Most young pets are more active than their owners, but older pets can lose their enthusiasm for play and become more sedate. If the food amount stays the same, the end result is weight gain. Over feeding contributes to weight gain, but so does under exercising.

Veterinary diets – something to chew on


  As your pet’s health care provider, an integral part of what I do involves dietary counselling. After examining your pet, I will select a veterinary prescription diet that is ideally suited for your pet’s nutritional needs. We call our diets prescription foods because they are selected by a doctor to treat or prevent medical conditions. This makes them different … Read More

Trimming your dog’s nails


Nail trims are an important part of caring for your pet. Exercise on hard surfaces wears down the nails naturally, but most dogs can’t rely on this to keep their nails short enough. Long nails are not only damaging to some floor surfaces, they can be uncomfortable for your dog.