Broken toe nails

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triming nails by yourself

Broken toe nails are an injury that pet owners occasionally have to deal with. Most often they occur due to trauma – running or playing on a hard surface, getting caught on something, or banging up against an object. Pet nails have a blood supply called the quick. When this is damaged, the nail bleeds. Though the amount of blood … Read More

Social Media and ……….. Merry Christmas!

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2015 has been the first full year of social media for me, and it is still an adjustment. I’d like to get more traffic onto our Facebook Page, so if you are a member, visit our page and ‘like’ us. I try and post local lost and found pets through the Orillia SPCA, so every little bit of exposure helps. … Read More

My pet can get acne?

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Acne is a condition that occurs when the hair follicles get infected. This infection will cause a raised pimple or pustule that breaks to form a small scab. There are two common presentations I see in pets. Cats are prone to chin acne and puppies can get mild skin infections in the tender skin of the groin.

What is this lump on my pet’s ear?

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The ear flap or pinna is made up of a piece of cartilage covered by skin. Sometimes you will get bleeding between the layers that pushes the skin off the cartilage, and causes a lump. We call this pocket of blood a hematoma, and because it is on the ear, it is classified as an aural hematoma.

Ultrasound tests for your pet


Ultrasound imaging is very familiar to us as human patients. For pets, it was always available on a referral basis. Now we can offer this service at our clinic. We have an experienced animal ultrasound technician who will come to our clinic to do the procedure. The digital images are sent to a board certified veterinary radiologist or cardiologist who … Read More

Spring is finally here!

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It is time to get outdoors and enjoy some warmer temperatures. Most dogs had limited exercise over the cold winter, so be sure to ease them into physical activity. Check out this link for more detailed information on fitness and conditioning.

Basic eye care

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Dogs and cats come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do their eyes. Normal eyes have a snug fitting, black rimmed eyelid that covers up the white part (conjunctiva) of the eye. Dogs and cats also have a third eyelid that can give extra protection. It looks like a pink membrane that sits in the inside corner of … Read More

Bum Scooting Boogie

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For those in the know, scooting behavior is when a pet drags their bottom on the floor. The way they do this is often comical, but it can be a sign that something is wrong with the hind end, or more specifically, the perineal region.