In praise of paper records

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I’ll fully admit I am a dinosaur when it comes to my medical records. Computerized and digital everything is the trend, but I just can’t take the plunge with going paperless. I am cognizant about the ecological impact of using paper, but the benefits to my psyche have to take precedence.

Keeping your pet fit

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Fitness is something we take for granted in our pets. Most young pets are more active than their owners, but older pets can lose their enthusiasm for play and become more sedate. If the food amount stays the same, the end result is weight gain. Over feeding contributes to weight gain, but so does under exercising.

The case of the mysterious footprints

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Not long ago, I came home to find this in my bathtub. There were doggy paw prints in blue ink. Prints that matched our water dog, Phoebe. Nothing else seemed remiss. I could see no other sign of blue on the mats or the dark laminate.I started a more thorough search, and came up with a half chewed pen. Now it … Read More