Welcoming Dr. Lynn Broadhurst

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Dr. Lynn Broadhurst

Dr. Lynn Broadhurst has been helping me out for a few years now, filling in to allow me some time away. As of this year, she joins us permanently as our Doctor on duty on Fridays. Dr. Lynn Broadhurst, born into a thoroughbred horse racing family, spent her childhood on Windfields’ National Stud Farm in Oshawa. In public school she … Read More

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in October 2016

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Dr. Joanne Olinyk and Paul Nowosiadly

20 years ago, I made the decision to buy my own clinic. This allowed me the freedom to make the choices about how I wanted to practice veterinary medicine. Being able to shape the identity of our clinic based on my philosophy of veterinary medicine has been the highlight of my career.

In praise of paper records

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I’ll fully admit I am a dinosaur when it comes to my medical records. Computerized and digital everything is the trend, but I just can’t take the plunge with going paperless. I am cognizant about the ecological impact of using paper, but the benefits to my psyche have to take precedence.

My 30th year anniversary

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As our class of OVC ’84 prepares for its 30th reunion, my thoughts have turned to the evolution of veterinary practice from my perspective as a small animal practitioner. From the start, we were ground breakers. I was a member of the Ontario Veterinary College graduating class of 1984. We were one of the first groups to graduate more females … Read More