Traveling with your pet


Since this is the inauguration, we might as well start at the beginning.
You’ve made your first veterinary appointment for your pet. Now you have to get there.

Getting to the Clinic

If you are bringing a dog:

  1. Use a leash. No matter how well behaved your pet usually is, having them under direct control avoids many potential hazards (sirens, backfiring cars, squirrels, the cat in the waiting room, etc.).
  2. Car restraint. When traveling in a vehicle, it’s best for dogs to be restrained not only for their safety but for yours. They should be in the back seat away from airbags and either crated or harnessed in for the safest journey.
  3. Car sickness can affect some pets. Anything from panting to drooling to vomiting is possible. Be prepared. Try not to feed your pet (even a biscuit) just before traveling. If you know your pet gets nauseous in the car, let us know ahead of time. There are some medications that may help.

If you are bringing a cat:

  1. You need a crate. Get one that fits your cat’s size and make sure it is sturdy. We recommend crates that make it easy for the top section to be removed (i.e. clamps instead of screws). Familiarize yourself with the locking mechanism. Place a familiar blanket or towel inside and leave it open for your cat to explore a few days before the visit. If you cannot get a crate, we will be happy to lend you one of ours at no cost.
  2. Ideally, we want your cat to become familiar and comfortable with the crate. This does take time and some training. Click here for a good run down on how to get your kitty used to a crate.
  3. When all else fails, sometimes you just have to place your pet in the carrier. Getting the cat into the crate is easier if you have the cat in a smaller room without places to run and hide. If removing the lid doesn’t work for you, get the crate ready and turned on its end. Pick up the cat and lower it backwards down into the crate.
  4. Secure the crate in your vehicle with a seatbelt to prevent it from shifting
Open traveling crate

Clamps make it easy to remove the top

traveling crate

Clamps instead of screws

Transporting a cat

Get the crate turned on its end

crating a cat

Lower the cat backwards into the crate.

secured crate

Secured crate using cars seatbelt