Veterinary diets – something to chew on



As your pet’s health care provider, an integral part of what I do involves dietary counselling.

After examining your pet, I will select a veterinary prescription diet that is ideally suited for your pet’s nutritional needs. We call our diets prescription foods because they are selected by a doctor to treat or prevent medical conditions. This makes them different from regular pet foods.

When selecting a diet, I focus mostly on its performance. It is crucial that the diets I prescribe meet my expectations in both preventing problems and treating existing conditions. I must be confident in the food’s ability to do what it says it should. This means that our food suppliers have scientific data supporting the dietary claims. In other words, the food has been proven to make a difference to animals that are at risk for the particular condition. These foods are only sold through veterinarians because they need to be used in conjunction with a total health assessment. This is so important that we will only sell food for pets that are currently under our care.

Veterinary prescription diets are more than just pet food. They are part of a treatment plan designed to maintain your pet’s health, and no one knows more about your pet’s health than your veterinarian.

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