cat clientSurgical procedures are an integral part of veterinary care. Dr. Olinyk brings over 30 years of experience to the surgical table. She works with two veterinary technicians to ensure your pet has a personal attendant from the time of the pre-operative assessment right through to the recovery period. We limit the number of surgeries we do per day to adhere to this protocol. In addition to a dedicated veterinary technician, we have intravenous fluid pumps, warming blankets and a blood pressure monitor to assist in providing the best care possible. We encourage pre-anesthetic blood tests for patients under 7 years old. For older patients, blood work is mandatory prior to surgery, as well as a urine test for our canine patients.

Our protocol is designed to minimize stress for your pet

Admissions for dogs are usually the day of the procedure, but our cat patients are always admitted the day before. Though being away from home is stressful, having the feline patients stay overnight gives them time to adjust to a new environment, so they wake up from anesthesia with familiar scents and blankets. All surgeries are done in the morning to allow us to monitor your pet all day before the late afternoon discharge time. Our feline patients stay in overnight so we can easily check them here and keep them as quiet as possible for the 24 hours post surgery.

While Dr. Olinyk does many routine surgeries, she defers to our local board certified surgeon for the more complex procedures, making sure your pet has access to the highest quality of surgical expertise available in our region.

As of April 2016, our clinic no longer does feline declaw surgeries.